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As Carpet Cleaners In Lancaster, PA, We Can Answer All Your Questions

Here at our company, we agree that carpets should at minimum be cleaned every 18 months according to the experts, and many homeowners choose to have their carpets cleaned annually. When is the last time you had a true Lancaster, PA carpet cleaning business out to your home? Remember how important it is not just to help your home stay clean, but to make your carpets last longer. Perhaps you’re looking at your carpets right now and thinking that you need to call a certified carpet cleaning service provider in your area.

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When you do start looking at carpet cleaning companies and decide to call us today, have your written list of questions and things you want to know. Knowing what to ask the carpet cleaning businesses helps you ensure that you have nothing to worry about and that your carpets will be in the best of care. One thing you want to ask them is if they are going go vacuum prior to cleaning the carpets.

You could do the vacuuming, but why would you want to do that when you’re paying the company to do everything for you. Vacuuming needs to be done prior to cleaning the carpets, and that includes using the special vacuuming tools to extract dirt and debris from around the perimeter.

Naturally, you’re going to ask us how much the cleaning is going to cost, but you need to ask us about the pricing structure. We charge by the room, but you want to be sure that you are getting a price quoted based on the square footage or the total area cleaned.

Our firm’s technicians are IICRC certified. If you are unsure, after asking them whether they are certified, you should ask them about furniture being moved. Some companies charge extra to move furniture, and you need to know if you are being charged or required to move your own furniture.

Another good question to ask us about is how long the business has been around. It helps when you know our company has been in the area for years and years. Of course, we always use new equipment, not the equipment they used when we first opened. Feel free to ask us about our equipment and know whether we are using the cleaning technology you prefer.

Some homeowners in Lancaster, PA prefer steam cleaning, while others prefer the traditional shampooers. Sometimes you don’t really have a choice. If you have Berber carpeting for any reason in your home, the new and innovative steam cleaning technology can’t be used on that type of carpeting.

Water extraction carpet cleaning tools for a Lancaster Company

You also need to know a few things for when our company shows up at your home for the carpet cleaning appointment. Are we showing up with SOA products to use? Be sure and tell us about any stubborn stains or problems with your carpet that they need to know about so that you get the best cleaning.

If you’re concerned about the warranty on your carpets, some treatments can void a warranty if they are done too soon. One example of this can be anti-static treatments, so if you have any questions, make sure you make that call before our cleaning company arrives to clean your carpets.

Ask us company about drying time, too. You’re not going to want furniture on the carpet while it’s drying. As a matter of fact, you’re not going to want to be on the carpet while it’s drying. If you decide that you’re going to put the furniture back anyway, you have to realize that this can stain the carpet. And, it’s not the type of stain that is going to come out.

When you talk to our carpet cleaning company about the equipment and products we use, but you’re not sure what the difference is, you can look up information about the cleaning technologies used. For example, one company might tell you that they use a hot water extraction system that is truck mounted. You can read reviews about this equipment and what customers have to say about how well their carpets were cleaned using this technology.